Why Hiring Niche Marketing Specialists are Better than a Marketing Agency

Why Hiring Niche Marketing Specialists are Better than a Marketing Agency

Why Hiring Niche Marketing Specialists are Better than a Marketing Agency

I love the phrase that appearances are not always what they appear to be. That is so true in the marketing world. In this ‘world’, it’s our job to sell and promote – and some use smoke and mirrors to make it work.

There’s an emerging trend in the marketing world – specialists over the traditional agency. Agencies – marketing and advertising – are seeing a nationwide decline in favor of marketing being moved in-house or outsourced to specialists who work with strategic partners. We at Social Pediatrics, of course, fall in the latter of that.

We are going to take a bold stand and make a statement that needs to be said – when you work with niche marketing specialists who works with strategic partners who are experts in their fields, you and your practice will be better off than with a one-stop-shop marketing agency who does it all for you.

Why? Read on.

I know you’re saying, but wait, isn’t Social Pediatrics an agency? Well, no, not in the true definition of an agency. We are niche marketing specialists – yes, we can do all facets of marketing, but we specialize in the field of pediatric marketing, and if you want to go even further, social media for pediatric practices. Digital and Social Media Marketing is our area of expertise. We are not a one-stop-do-it-all-for-you agency. We do not have a videographer, or photographer, or multiple account managers, or graphic designers on staff. We know what we are good at and stick with that. We are a speciality marketing company – specializing in the field of marketing on the web.

But what if I need more than that?

That’s fine – we have strategic partners we work with that are experts in their own fields. We work with a branding and identity expert. A videographer. A graphic designer. A promotional products company. The ones we partner with do their own lanes 100% and when they have clients who need social media, they call us. A wise mentor once told me, “know what you are good at and outsource the rest.” 

So why not just use that one-stop agency?

The problem with the one-stop marketing agency in this day and age is that rarely are any of the staff there experts in any one marketing field. They have some experience, yes, but they don’t specialize. So you get an overall half-way done job because you have a bunch of pseudo-experienced people handling your marketing. And marketing is expensive. The only exception to this would be if you were located in a major city like Atlanta, Chicago, or New York.

When you work with a niche specialist like Social Pediatrics, you are not going to be upsold on other things your practice may not need. For example, if you hired us to help with your social media marketing, we are not going to sell you on having new photographs done for your practice. Or make you buy ads on TV. Or update your logo. Specialists do what they are hired to do and if another marketing need came up, that specialist would help to make sure that need was taken care of by someone who knows what they are doing.

Another reason to use a niche specialist is that you know who you are working with. Typically you work directly with that specialist – you aren’t signed then passed off to an account manager, who may or may not have any experience in marketing strategy or know your practice.

I’m not going to lie, working with a specialist who pulls in other experts to fill the needs you have may cost a little more, but isn’t it worth spending a little more to have true experts who know their field handling your marketing and knowing it’s being done by experts?

I know I would pay. Gladly.

But it may just not be in your budget. And us niche specialists get that. We work to network with people so we have a broad network of professionals who can fit your budget.

What will you opt for this year for your practice? The choice is yours.


Mandy is the co-founder of Social Pediatrics Marketing and also the owner of ME Marketing Services, a social marketing company located in Statesboro, Georgia. A proud graduate of the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia she has a thorough marketing background of over 16+ years covering sales, event planning, local store marketing, advertising and now social media.In the fall you can find her along with her family at Sanford Stadium cheering on their beloved Georgia Bulldogs. Mandy has been mentioned in Forbes and Crain's Chicago Business, named to the Statesboro Herald's Top 20 under 40, has been ranked as a Top 100 Social Media Power Influencer by StatSocial and is a Sprout Social All-Star Elite. In 2016 she was recognized as a member of the University of Georgia's top 40 Under 40 Alumni.

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