Content Submission

With our management clients, we will write your social and digital marketing content for you - with your approval before posting.


We will create strategies to attract new patients and retain the ones you currently have.

Real-Time Analytics

Without analytics, you won't know if your efforts are working. We provide you detailed analytics at the end of each month, and mid-month upon client request.

Full-Service Management

For those practices who just want to pass their social media and digital marketing to someone else, we are that 'someone else'. We will create your content, post it, manage it - taking it off your shoulders.

Why Social Pediatrics?

If you or your practice is looking for social media and digital marketing help, you will not find a better match than us. With a combined 29 years experience in marketing and pediatrics, we have the knowledge to put together and implement a successful plan for you.

Our Process

social media strategy

We work with you to determine WHY you are using social media & digital marketing, WHO you want to target, and HOW we are going to do that.

create social media

After determining HOW we are going to reach your patients and prospective patients, we start creating content and campaigns to achieve your goal.

implement social media

Once your content and campaigns are written and approved, we go to work reaching out and interacting with your online community.

analyze social media

Without analytics you wouldn't know if your efforts are working. We continually monitor and analyze everything to make sure you are reaching your benchmarks and goals.

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